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<Sasha's World>

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27 September 1989
Sasha / 22 / Miami / Psych major / Real O.G. / Your Majesty McAwesomesauce of the New World Order (not yet, but soon)

I believe in love above all else. If life has a purpose, that might as well be it.
I also believe in God and don't believe in arguing with people if they don't. I don't care to argue beliefs in general, really. What's the point? I'm laid-back, open-minded, fun-loving, and more hyphenated terms. People that fight to be right instead of fighting for what is right irritate the hell outta me. I'm not a saint, but I don't get it.

Laughing isn't medicine, it's a way of life. I'll turn just about anything into a joke and troll my mom regularly to achieve that end. I'm fortunate enough that she has a great sense of humor too. For me, it's a universally appreciated trait.

Being a full-time student and peer mentor dominates my existence at the moment. I'm about to graduate I graduated with my Associate's degree on May 4th and the tentative plan is to become a Clinical Psychologist, so I have a long way to go. Posting on LJ, for now, is a close second. Socializing and trying to relax tie for third.

My journal is and always will be an accurate representation of who I am. I'm candid to a fault and will update about school, my love life, my friends, jokes, dreams, random thoughts, not-so-random thoughts, my interests (see below), observations, occurences, frustrations and fantasies. Everything and nothing. One liners, large paragraphs, and voice posts. It's all in here and it's all me. My LJ friends are my friends, not random people on the Internet. I read their posts, comment, text, and Skype. I'm happy when they're well and supportive when they're not. Distance isn't directly linked to the quality of a friendship.

I'm not one of those, "You must do this to look at me, this to talk to me, and this to add me" types. If you have something to say or want to add me, go for it.

I maintain shareyoursound and newfriends. Join and post. All the cool kids with the pumped up kicks are doing it. Not that their example is the best to follow, but you understand.

waitingonsunday is certifiably one of the coolest, funniest people I've ever met via LJ. She's one of my longest standing LJ friends and generally awesome. <3

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